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Escrito por Cri Cri desde (?) el día viernes, 07 de agosto, 2009 a las 21:14:08 horas :

En respuesta a: Las Gatas postcard escrito por Judy in PDX desde ( el día viernes, 07 de agosto, 2009 a las 17:59:28 horas :

This postcard of Las Gatas Looks about the way it looked back in 1951, on my first visit to "Z." The new Catalina was the only Hotel on La Ropa. There was nothing on on La Madera except the home of a Doctor. The doctor's house was about where the Irma is today/ Irma did not build her Hotel 'til years later.

The Catalina had a Land Rover. They picked us up at the airport. Which was "IN" Zihuatanejo. ( They made a few trips. )
It was a hard, dusty road. This was the only way to get to the Catalina. I don't remember any cabs in town. We walked everywhere.

One day we walked over the rocks to Las Gatas. There were no buildings there. We snorkeled all afternoon. The next morning I could not get out of bed. The calves of my legs were red and I had a fever I got my meals in bed that day.

Cri Cri

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