Re: Lamenting the tar in OZ (too!)

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Escrito por John Doe desde ( el día domingo, 09 de agosto, 2009 a las 15:09:57 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Lamenting the tar in Malaga escrito por Cri Cri desde (?) el día domingo, 09 de agosto, 2009 a las 12:44:01 horas :

>> We were treated like royalty <<

Thats cuz you ARE Royality, mate!

But, I haven't been back to OZ since 99, where mi Da an I came back via Costa Rica. For eons there was at least ONE Major family gathering from throughout the continent per decade. Though that long-standing tradition among The Oldies (and especially with Our Matriarch, Cozzy, now gone) seems to be unfortunately fading as the Old School is slowing passing, and 'my generation' is somewhat scattered worldwide.

Though "rumor has it" that my (absolutely WILD) cousin, Janice, is going throw a real rager, mate, sometime next fall on her ranch in the bush outside Toowoomba, Queensland. We'll see......

And Thank You for your concerns for The Folks, as I'll be heading back to El Norte to see them mid-month.

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