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Escrito por John Doe desde (?) el día lunes, 10 de agosto, 2009 a las 13:03:04 horas :

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Well…… YEAH!

Tio Gordy (Woods) was perhaps The Ultimate beach boy, who began ‘constructing’ various designs of (then) longboards in the back yard of their home near Bondi Beach, Sydney in the early 1940s. While surfing in general back then was little known outside of Hawaii, Gordon was really one of The Pioneers of what is now the commonplace.

While “Gordon Woods Surfboards” eventually became the largest surfboard manufacturer in Australia, Gordy skyrocketed to fame in the early 60s as one of the most ‘creative’ and entrepreneurial shapers/designers in the world (with subsequent ‘pro’ shipments worldwide). As young teenage surfers cruising the SoCal “beach scene”, my older brother and I surely bathed in local limelight back then (and the Huntington/Newport chicks, TOO!), while sporting the first stateside boards with balsa stringers, shaped/curved rails, pin tails, removable skegs, multiple skegs, shaped/pin nose, et al…… including the first “guns” at a “mere” 7 ft!

In fact, I can still picture The (confused) Scene at Los Angeles’ San Pedro Harbor Customs Office in 1962, when we went to pick-up what was then our first shipment of what became annual new-design personal ‘gifts’ from Tio. U.S. Customs had never even received such items before (which arrived then on the pre-international-air-freight, Matson Lines), thus the boisterous wrangling began as to product ‘value’, hence tariff due (with mi Da leading the fray!)!

Gordon eventually branched-out (or BACK) to fiberglass sailing yacht designs later in his career, where he and mi auntie launched a respectably large manufacturing operation across the harbour from Sydney in Manly Bay. My cousin still ‘runs the business’, as they all live rather sweetly in the peace-n-quiet along the shores of the Manly Beach area.

But yeah, the “pre-international-air-freight” Old Days……..

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