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Aaaaaah, I've never met Lawford.... off-stage..... But safe to bet BANK that at least 'some form' of the illustrious Rat Pack is still VERY much Alive-n-Well, Gene...... (or at least, let’s HOPE SO!)!

ISR, amid the pre (U.S.) Rat Pack days, mi Gran Da, Thomas Richards I, wrote a book some 65-70 years ago documenting his youthful experiences in the early Australian film industry days (with mi Gran Mum!), as well his many exploits through the entire South Pacific region with then fellow Aussie mate, Errol Flynn = “I’ve done it ALL.... Except Time.... Twice”!

While said travels were prior to Flynn’s meteoric rise to American film fame in the wake of ‘Captain Blood’, I’ve always remembered (and thoroughly appreciated!) a Flynn quote from that book, “The Successful Marriage requires TWO Homes: One for the kids, and One for the BAR”!!

As is so often the case in 'This Thing Called Life', some things just Never Change! (;-D

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