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When you were in Sydney, Gene, did you ever have the opportunity of visiting the charming old City Tattersalls Club (City ‘Tatts’) in the heart of town? It’s a rather famous Aussie ‘tradition’ founded in 1895, that somewhat epitomizes the “2nd Home” referred to above (with formal lounge area, smoking lounge, restaurants, library, and…. uh…. The Bar!).

While originally being a STRICTLY private “men’s club only” for eons, it has now apparently bent-with-the-wind in “modern” OZ, and currently allows sheilas, too, amid its dining and health club facilities.

Hopefully later than sooner, I will eventually inherit mi Gran Da’s ‘Tatts ring’, which was once Absolutely Required to present to the doorman before entrance in The Old Days. The entry lobby still hosts aged fotos/portraits of most previous club presidents through the century, of which mi Gran Da was certainly one. When I visited Sydney in ‘99’ with Dad (TRR II), he/we were also was “treated like royalty” by The Old Guard, as the return of the (stateside) Prodigal Son of TRR I……!

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