Re: Rob, can you tell us a story?

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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día viernes, 21 de agosto, 2009 a las 22:31:19 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Rob, can you tell us a story? escrito por Mac cawley desde ( el día viernes, 21 de agosto, 2009 a las 11:59:54 horas :

Hey! OMFG! What a BLAST from the PAST!

Yeah, we heard the news about Chris (wasn't he a classmate of yours?) and were pretty shaken up. But I ended up going anyway with my mother's boyfriend, Michael Conners. We flew over on the Goose and taxied out to Vega Baja and had no tickets and we kept telling the ticket takers in the road on the way to the festival area that we were meeting a buddy at the gate who had our tickets. Turned out there was no gate. We ran into Barry Skoblow and Heidi Eyle and Chick Hensle and Pat and Patti Hensle, hell I forget who all, and we made a tent together out of some sheets, and found some lost sleeping bags and we were set! But we were on edge looking out for the SOB's that got Chris. Didn't see any problems, but taking nude showers in the open attracted some weirdos with cameras who were photographing and taking movies of us all. It was like we were animals in a zoo with all the Puerto Ricans bringing their families out to give us all a good looking over. Really strange!

Man, I wore my t-shirt from that festival for so many years until it literally fell apart. You probably saw me in it a few times around the island, too.

Don't know if you remember my brother Woody, but he lives near you in downtown Gainesville. Y'all should get together and practice your Cruzan. He works on cars and is trying to restore an old VW at the moment. Seems like a bunch of us got scattered all over Florida. I took it as long as I could but I just had to get out of there.

It's friggin' great to hear from you, man!

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