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Escrito por ZihuaRob desde ( el día viernes, 02 de octubre, 2009 a las 20:29:39 horas :

Since an old friend from Sanibel Island is visiting my mother decided that last night Lupita and I should celebrate our anniversary again, so we went out for a bit of night-on-the-town in Ixtapa. First stop was Z-Pizza at Marina Ixtapa for salads and calzones and drinks. Toofers made the drinks all that much better, and sunset at the marina with delicious food made Z-Pizza a truly sublime experience. We will definitely be back!

Then, with bellies full and heads in the right place we decided to check out the "International Night" at the Barceló. What a surprisingly good floor show their dancers and singers put on! I think the price was something like 140 pesos per person that included 4 "national drinks". An excellent deal! Even our favorite saxophone player Zapata played during the show. If you haven't done this before I highly recommend it. Really a fun experience! Thursday nights at 9pm right beside the hotel's parking lot area.

Then today being our friend's last full day here we decided the direction to head was Barra de Potosí. Of course we couldn't drive past El Refugio de Potosí without stopping in to check it out and take the tour. Fascinating place! No one should miss this! They are busting their humps to get ready for the season, but there was still plenty to see. Macaws, parrots, snakes, iguanas, a butterfly pavilion, coatimundis, racoons, a falcon, chachalacas, some other birds whose species escapes me at the moment, and there will even be an eagle there soon. Part of their mission is to reproduce and reintroduce into the wild several endangered species and getting small communities involved so that the communities help protect certain species while also attracting visitors to the communities. They have also been nursing back to life many animals that were abused, injured and/or kept in horribly inadequate conditions, and they are literally working miracles saving some of our most precious and endangered species. Fascinating work being done by some really great people!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure to visit El Refugio de Potosí during your stay here and tell everyone you meet about it. The guided tour is excellent and conducted by knowledgeable and likeable bilingual guides. Our guide today was Javier, and his love and enthusiasm for the project and the animals was inspiring and infectious. The animals are more active in the mornings and late afternoons, but don't let that deter you from visiting at any time of the day. Laurel and Pablo and Javier and the rest of the crew are doing something I consider extremely important for our region, but they need visitors to be able to make this endeavor work for all of us. THIS is what Zihuatanejo is all about!

Then afterwards, a refreshing swim at La Barra de Potosí followed by a delicious seafood lunch with handmade tortillas and icy cold beers and a dessert of roasted plantains topped with cinammon and sweet cream just left us all saying "THIS IS THE LIFE!" Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... burp!

Man oh man, it just doesn't get any more blissful than this! =)

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