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Doña Cari was born in 1910 in Agua de Correa. She was a teacher for many years in several communities along the Costa Grande. She used to travel to Acapulco by boat, which was the easiest, quickest and most common method of getting back and forth back in her youth. She used to walk from Agua de Correa to Zihuatanejo as well as to Coacoyul to shop in the markets or visit family and friends. When she was a little girl, during the Revolución, she says nobody really lived in Zihuatanejo, which was basically just a few huts of fishermen and their families who spent much of their time drunk and fighting.

Doña Cari still likes to go to all the parties and events. She even modeled at a special fashion event at the zócalo back in March of this year and got a big applause from everyone there. Of course she was wearing handmade traditional clothing from Lupita's Boutique.

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