Don't stay at Tronco Bay Inn in Troncones, Dishonest

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Escrito por Tronconesbride desde ( el día domingo, 18 de octubre, 2009 a las 13:54:40 horas :

I'm very disappointed in how I was treated by the Tronco Bay Inn. I booked a room for friends to come down to Troncones for our wedding. I paid a large deposit. When the swine flu hit Mexico a month before our wedding, my friends cancelled. I cancelled the room 30 days before their stay (the hotel only required 15 days for a full refund). It took me weeks of phone calls and e-mails before I finally got a check. However, the check bounced as soon as I deposited it. Now I had a bank fee for the bounced check. Several more e-mails and phone calls followed to get my refund. Jose in L.A. promised to send another check, which never came. After 4 plus months of trying to get my money back, I've given up. Management of Tronco Bay Inn is dishonest as far as I'm concerend and they've basically stolen my money. I would not recommend staying here.

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