Hertz Car Rental credit card fraud alert

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Escrito por William Pierson desde (mobilehost12788.mobile.mymmode.com) el día jueves, 29 de octubre, 2009 a las 13:38:39 horas :

alert to all travellers to Zihua. Twice this year I have been to Zihua-Ixtapa and rented a car from the Hertz agnecy at the airport. Both times I have had to cancel my American Express card due to fraudulent charges for airline tickets purchased for travel within Mexico. 4 fraudulent tickets were purchased using my card in April, 2009 which I didn't discover until I returned to the states and received my credit card statement several weeks later. I had used my card at only two different locat1ons that trip- Hertz & the airport duty free shop, so I couldn't be sure who had committed the fraud. This trip I used my card at only one place and you guessed it- it was the Hertz agency. While I was sitting in the Zihua airport waiting to depart, I decided to call American Express just to check on any other charges being posted to my account and sure enough, the day before a $187.00 charge for an airline ticket purchase from Mexicana had been authorized on my account AGAIN. And they didn't even wait for me to get out of the country before they started their cc fraud scam all over again. One doesn't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out who was doing it this time. So absolutely under no circumstances rent a car from the Hertz agnecy in Zihua. They're thieves...and were caught red-handed. And I can't believe I'm the only person they've done this to. So if you have been to Zihua-Ixtapa in the past year and rented from Hertz using a credit card and subsequently had fraudulent charges appear, you know where they came from.

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