Día de Muertos

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Escrito por Darryl desde (dsl-189-179-139-65-dyn.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día lunes, 02 de noviembre, 2009 a las 16:53:00 horas :

Andrea and I took a bus and visited a cemetary this morning. I was hoping to see some offrendas, but did not. It was a lot like Memorial Day in the U.S. with flowers decorating the gravesites and much cleaning up of the cemetary plots themselves. It was very crowded with what appeared to be family and/or friends of the deceased busy sprucing up their loved one's gravesite including weeding, painting, and decorating. There was even a large dump truck being filled to overflowing with all of the cleanup. My guess is that the cemetary receives nominal care throughout the rest of the year. We did enjoy the visit and I was able to take several pictures, being careful not to intrude on the privacy of the persons there.

On another note, while at dinner last night at Elvira's, multiple groups of kids came into the restaurant dressed in Halloween costumes proclaiming,"Halloween" with glasses outstretched hoping for some treat. I think it is sad that our American Halloween custom has made its way down here and is apparently pushing aside Día de Muertos for the children (Nov. 1st) and for adults (Nov. 2nd).

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