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Escrito por Grumpy in Zihua desde (dsl-189-179-150-169-dyn.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día sábado, 07 de noviembre, 2009 a las 22:51:40 horas :

After a journey from Victoria to Calgary last night and a flight from Calgary to Zihua we are here. Flight was on time and overnighted at the niece's in Calgary. Busy at the airport in Calgary this morning so if you are on the new Westjet direct flight from there you need to be early as it was busy this morning. Got to Zihua at 3:30pm, only plane at the Airport - short line up at immigration customs, green light and off we went. Walked off the Airport to get a cheaper cab and a cerveza and found one but a grey taxi came up behind while we were loading and the drivers had a discussion and we were off the grey one instead of the white. Taxi fare was 150 pesos to Playa La Madera and the whole ride our first timers just kept saying WOW WOW and then when we arrived at Frostbite's Casa Amarilla they were speechless, great to back here once again.

After a couple of cevezas we headed out to town for a tour and a bite, couldn't believe how quiet it was, didn't see many people in the restaurants along Playa Principal.

Headed to Lety's for - you guessed it - Coconut Shrimp, we also had the shrimp in hot sauce, stuffed whole fish, shrimp cocktail, fresh guacamole and some killer dacquiris and margaritas. What a great place to eat, sadly there was only one other couple there but we were thanked for our business and treated to a great 1st dinner and I am sure we will be back a couple more times before we go.

Walked back to the Casa and sat up in the open 3rd floor listening to a cd of acoustic mexican guitar music (thanks sidney) feeling the breeze blow out to the bay and relaxing from the long day

We got a text from our daughter that we had snow in the Mountains in Lake Cowichan today............got out in time.

Great start to the trip, can't wait until sun up.

buenas noches

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