Monarchs and Patzcuaro

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Escrito por Dr Tim desde ( el día domingo, 15 de noviembre, 2009 a las 18:12:43 horas :

We took a luxury tour bus up to Patzcuaro a few years ago. Beautiful road. Cheap cost. Easy to catch one in Ixtapa or Zih.

Patzcuaro - beautiful city and amazing creative crafts.

We did not tour Morelia.

Butterflies are way the heck up the mountain on some crazy Mexican roads. It was an extremely magical experience. You hike up from 9000 feet so you should be good health.

Here is a video I shot up there. Amazing to see limbs so heavy that the thousands of tiny butterflies make them bend down.

It is a very long day trip from Patzcuaro. We hired a taxi to take us up and back.

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