Trip Report-Day3-Tuesday Nov 10

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Escrito por Grumpy In Lake Cowichan desde ( el día miércoles, 18 de noviembre, 2009 a las 23:12:06 horas :

Up early again today,going to be another warm day 80 at 7:00 am and very bright and sunny.

Our cook senor Jeff made us omlettes today-so glad we are able to have such a place as Casa Amarillia. The view from the kitchen table overlooking the bay is an amazing way to start the day.

Back to Playa la Ropa again today,set up camp at La perla and got ready for another hard day of vacationing.

Lots of excitement today as the Bomberos are walking up and down the beach looking for a Croco that had escaped from the estuary. I spoke with Lobo one of the Bomberos through out the day but they had no success at capturing him.

Mrs Grumpy found swimming a bit of an adventure today thinking more about what lies beneath the waves.

We headed up to Patys for lunch and enjoyed the walk along the beach,not very busy again today,only place that looks busy is The Tides-cant figure that how with how much they cost.

Lunch was good but we all agreed that we preferred the food at Rossy's.

Spent the rest of the afternoon watching the search for the Croco,swiiming,couple of dice games,more stories and laughs with good friends before our travelmates headed off early to Ixtapa for horseback ride at sunset leaving Mrs. Grumpy and me to a couple of seista hours on the beach.

Headed back to the Casa around 5:30 and relaced a bit before heading downtown for dinner.

Made our way down to Los Braseros for dinner,great food,great service and love those Tortilla Pastors.

Checked out a couple of shops along Ejido seems Mrs. Grumpy can never have enough decorative trinkets.

Ended up at La Mandarina Cafe for dessert and tea.
Great crepes=ordered the Supremo-bananas,strawberries and nutella-delicious. Sat out front and wached the night unfold on Cinco de Mayo.

Wandered around a couple more stores before taking a cab back to the Casa.

Our travelmates had just returned from their night in Ixtapa and we heard how much they enjoyed the Horseback ride but had decided to come back to Zihua for dinner.They ate at Pizza Locos and said it was very good.

We hit the hay around 9:30 as we were worn out from another strenuous day of life in Zihua.

Our first timers friends today told me how much they enjoyed it here and how they know they will never go back to an AI and can see themselves coming back here again.......more converts :)

To be continued

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