Trip Report Wed Nov 11

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Escrito por Grumpy In Lake Cowichan desde ( el día jueves, 19 de noviembre, 2009 a las 23:23:03 horas :

Today is Remberance Day we will wear our Poppies proudly today to remember the brave who sacrificed so much for us.

We have gotten into quite a morning routine now,Stacey our travelmate is usually first up and heads out for her walk/run through town and usually ends up in the Mercado-she has definetly got the Zihua bug. When she is back the coffee is on and we all gather in the kitchen to discuss the plans for the day,another rooten day in Zihua,sunny,clear and 80 at 7:30am.

Today we are going to Playa Las Gatas and will have our own Remembrance Day at the beach,but first off to La Casa Cafe. Busier than it was the other day,pancakes were awesome.Met fellow Canadian-poppies a give away-who lives in Zihua and told me that he has not had a poppy for a few years as he is here in Nov-I gave hime mine as I know how important to me it is to wear one and I can certainly get another.

Headed off to the pier to catch a panga and walked the gauntlet of Restaurant row,felt bad continually saying No Gracias as we were asked in for breakfast,most were empty.

We needed some more sunscreen so Stacey popped in the Store right at the foot of the pier and we waited outside,usual questions being asked of us-fishing ,snorkelling surfing etc-No Gracias, and then we ran into our friend Juanita who was heading over to Las Gatas to start her day selling her wonderful jewellery-she is a great person with a wonderfull laugh and smile.

Trip over was uneventful,tipped the young land who helped us on the panga,still any time I can get on the water
I think back to my younger days and my grandfather who was a commercial fisherman on the Great Lakes-I usually feel him ou there with us as I did this past summer in Trinity Bay,Newfoundland when on the water I thought of much he would have enjoyed the day and just then off the bow a whale surfaced to say hello-nothing quite like that today but still felt him close.

Walked along Las Gatas until we go to Otilla's and our friend Franco was here today. He made a fuss over us and our travelmates as those of you who know Franco know what a welcome he gives,going to be another good day.

When we were here on Sunday,Paco was telling us of how he has learned some english over the years and one time in particular he was on a cruise ship and needed a bucket but couldn't remember the word and his boss would not give it to him unless he asked in english, he did finally get the bucket but I now have a new spanish word-Kubeta-well today we asked for Cerveza Hielo Kubeta por Favour-thinking how smart we were and we got a bucket the size of a small tub filled with about 20 beer-Franco is the best.

Set up a couple of chairs in the water and settled in-sun was hot,beer was mucho friod,water warm,good friensa here,doesn't get much better than that. Kept thinking of all the hard days at work it took to get here and it was well worth it.

Juanita stopped by,more so for a visit,but we bought some of her beautiful necklaces for the kids.We had to stop for a moment and the four of us went into the water arms around each other and had a moment of silence at 11 to remember all of the heroes past and present.

Had a great lunch at the beach,shrimp kabobs,tortillias and rice,going to be hard to grab a bite of the lunch truck next week and think back to this.Spent the rest of the day,swimming,lounging and just taking a break from the is good today!!!!

Ended up staying until about 4:30 and sadly walked back to the pier to catch the panaga back-got a little to much sun oday-calling me Senor Rojo-and my buddy Jeff go a little to much tokilla today-I think we will be having an early night.Cabbed it back to the Casa and decided to have dinner delivered in from La Mordida.Ribs,chicken baked potatoes and garlic bread-yumm-yumm. We-in our extremely broken spanish-tried to given directions to Casa Amarillia and thought it would be very easy as we told them to walk out there front foor and look up the hill-finally the said Sidney??-we said yes and 20 minutes later it arrived-Frostbite must be a regular thank goodness.

We ended the night with a tea,sitting in the open air under the palapa again listening to the sounds of the night in Zihua....going to miss this part when we go home in 3 days.

Off to bed early as heading up to Troncones tomorrow and our friends were going to Playa Linda.

To Be Continued

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