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Escrito por krashton desde (dsl-189-179-152-47-dyn.prod-infinitum.com.mx) el día miércoles, 09 de diciembre, 2009 a las 23:13:28 horas :

We finally made it in on Saturday afternoon, just in time for an incredible sunset on la ropa! We've spent some quality time at Elvira, as we view it as our neighborhood bar. Had dinner at Coconuts tonight and the mexican coffee was the highlight of our meal. Consider stopping here for dessert, instead of a full dinner. I had the Chile Rellenos and it was quite doughy. We also made time to pick up some coffee, vanilla and sea salt. We made a stop at Lupita's and got a great deal on a shirt and necklace, plenty of sale items!! Casa Iguana & Joel are more than we could have hoped for!! We are still looking forward to more days sunning on the beach and dinner at La Gula. Yay, no more cruise ships obstructing our view before Monday!

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