Short Trip Report ...and the Food!!

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Arrived the 2nd for 16 days, this year we brought a first timer for part of the stay.
The Casa- Staying at Bungalows La Madera this year, the new units are beautiful and the view from the top is spectacular. We moved to a lower unit when our friend left, the room is great, great view, great kitchen and very private. We will definitely be staying here next year.
The Activities- We spent the first full day getting stocked up with a trip to the Comercial Mexicana while our friend went fishing. Next day we were off the Barra de Potosi for a day at the beach, very quiet there and the ride on bus was fun. Of course we have spent many days with Franco and Juanita on Las Gatas, always a relaxing time. We all went fishing last Monday and once again the day was great. Lots of time spent in the pool enjoying the views.
The Food-first night we were off the Los Braseros, we love the tacos bistek and the queso con champiņones, a great place for a lite bite and service is always good. We always make a few trips here during the stay. Another favorite is Florians the Arrachera is out of this world good and we love it there. Making many trips to Salvadors for the Piņa coladas, 2 for 1 all day!! Not to be missed is his stuffed Shrimp, filled with cheese and wrapped in bacon..yummy. Breakfast at La Casa Cafe is always good, the Papas con Chorizo and BLT'S are wonderful and a quite filling way to start the day. In Barra de Potosi we ate by far the best Abalone and are planning a trip back tomorrow to get one more taste of it. A trip to Captain's Daughter is a must for the Zucchini & Mushroom Pasta and the Chipotle Burgers are wonderful too. We made our first trip ever to Lety's and were amazed by the flavors, of course we tried the Coconut Shrimp which was unbelievably good and she also made us Red Snapper in butter and garlic, both are not to be missed and we will be returning before we leave on Thursday. Another must is Jugo from Isabel in La Madera, freshly made and cold. Try the mandarina and orange combination. tastes great. She also makes a great Chili Relleno on Wednesdays.
Overall we have had a great 12 days here and are already sad about leaving this week. We have met great people who share their tips and make the vacation so much better. Of course this is only our experience, we love it here and usually start planning to come back before we even leave.

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