The beginning of a potentially VERY LONG trip report!

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My husband and I had the good fortune to visit Zihuatanejo Nov. 28 - Dec. 12. I had been there only once previously....20 years ago!! I was a little afraid that the charm and authenticity of the place I've held fond in my memories would have been swallowed in the wake of growth and "progress", but was absolutely thrilled to discover that in spite of the tremendous expansion, the people and the area are just as lovely as ever!!

For those of you who are visiting the area for the first time (and those who have been before but were reluctant to engage), I STRONGLY encourage you to open your minds and your hearts to the local people and their culture and traditions. Iíve never, either at home or in other travel destinations, encountered such gracious people (more on that topic later). In fact, during our 2 week stay, the only encounters we had with people who were less than courteous and friendly were with other tourists!

We arrived at our hotel (Brisas del Mar) the afternoon of the 28th, and immediately fell in love with the place. It is truly beautiful!! No matter what area of the hotel you are in you will see flowers and greenery, and charming architectural detail. The rooms (and the entire hotel) were kept impeccably clean by the ever friendly and cheerful housekeepers, the reception staff were always eager to assist with anything we needed (and were tolerant of my terrible Spanish! HaHa!), and Federico, the bartender at the lobby bar, has to be one of the nicest men I have ever metÖ again, more to come.

Well, I just got called in to work, so Iíll have to continue later!

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