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Escrito por marcos desde ( el día martes, 15 de diciembre, 2009 a las 17:54:56 horas :

Day 1- Drove to the airport (JFK) in a snowstorm expecting a delay. Flight left on time at 7:30 a.m. Arrived at the Catalina by 3:30. Wonderful sunset at the sunset bar. 2x1's!! Met up with my good friend and his family whom are locals. Dinner at Pollo Feliz. Walked around down town, happy smiling faces every where! Looks like nothing has changed! Parts of me feel like I never left. The warm night air was such a bonus coming from freezing NY

Day 2, Watched the sunrise over the mountains, and decided to walk down playa laropa for some breakfast. Had to wait for Rosys to open. Wow have times have changed. A few years back I use to be just coming home at this hour! LOl The waiters were just getting the tables set up. Had great meal to start off the day. Fresh juice,fruit and some french toast. Two people $20.00 usd with a generous tip! Lunch at the Tides. (why not!) Friends arrived at noon from NY. Welcomed them, then back to the beach! Watched one of the nicest sunsets I have seen in over 20 years of vacationing in Zihua. from the Catalina pool. Off to Casa Vieja for some BBQ ribs! mmm

Day 3 Spent the whole day on Laropa. Nice walks. Perfect day. Checked out of the Catalina and headed to the "Big Resort" Pacifica over in Ixtapa. Even though we stay in Ixtapa through our time share we are always hoping in a taxi to go over to Zihua. It boggles my mind when I meet tourist in Ixtapa and they ask where Zihuatanejo is. And is it worth the taxi ride? Part of me wants to keep it a secrete and not tell them. But I end up telling them all about it. LOL We had a nice meal at Il Mediterraneo. Lots of drinks. Ended up at Blackbull. I wanted to see if we were able to ride the famous bull, but we were told only discoteque tonight! LOL!! The only gringos! However still no concerns. Very welcoming people. Danced up a storm. I owned that floor! LOL!

Day 4 Spent the day at Pacifica Resort. Treated like a king. We took a taxi ride to Agua de Correa to my friends house. It's always funny, when I ask for taxi to his town. The front desk staff are shocked that I want to go there! They always repeat over and over again if I am sure. lol. He made us a great pork dinner and bbq chicken for the ladies. He gave me a awesome Pumas Futbol Jersey! Taxi back to El Centro, mucho drinks at Bandidos.

Day 5 This is the part of my vacation is where I really start to ponder some deep thoughts. Like why we Americans, choose to live such a hectic life. Why not keep it simple. Every local you meet here seems so happy and free from stress. I also really start to dream about a life here. Owning and operating a little beach cafe. Or a B&B or...... ANYTHING! lol Jetski rentals?? lol

Had a great dinner at El faro at Pacifica. Great welcoming back from the wait staff! Popped a few bottles! lol! Fuzzy memories from that point. Nothing like a good ole mexican blackout! LOL!

Day 6 Took a taxi over to Playa Larga. $15.00 usd from Ixtapa. My friend whom I mentioned, relatives own 4 hermanos. And his adopted son is learning the business while waiting tables. Took a great walk on the beach. Saw no people! Perfect! Saw dolphins playing up and down the shoreline all day. Lunch for 4, appetizers, and too many beers and tequila and mezcal to count.....$50.00 with a very nice tip!! LOVE IT! Oh yea, the dolphins hanging out all day was free! When we had the owner call for a taxi on the CB radio, the same taxi that drove us there pulled up. The happiest cab driver I've seen in a looong time! He said too us," I figured you needed a ride home, so I waited for you" Now that's service!

we had dinner somewhere on the walkway. Great shrimp! Cheap Dinner for 4, with drinks, $40.00 usd!! That night we were lucky enough to be treated to a free concert at the BB court. Karkiks. A very popular band 1000's of locals and us! And who did I run into, but my amigo Rene. More of a reason to stay and hangout. When I say 1000's of locals I mean it. People were up in trees and climbing street poles to catch a glimpse of the concert.

Day 7 Another Pacifica day! Biggest thought of the day.... God I can get used to this. Dinner up at El Faros. The nicest view (IMHO) in all of the area!

Day 8 Ixtapa Island!! Yea I did the tourist thing! Rented Jet skis! Lots of relaxing. Took the last taxi back to Playa Linda!

Day 8 My parents and sister and bro-inlaw and my nephew arrive! Now we have a big group. But not the biggest we have had. Some years we had 17-20 of us. Restaurant owners love too see that! There was a time when we all headed up to Troncones for a day. Set up shop at lil beach restaurant and drank them out of beer. The owner called the Beer Dist. and they sent a Corona truck to drop off more beer! Nows thats service! lol

Best meal in Ixtapa (imho) is Casa Morelos Right next to Senor Frogs. Javier is a very nice man. Treats us like family.

Day 9 Fishing with the guys. Amigo Tony rented a 40 footer to fish off. Caught a 3' yellow fin tuna. And 2 other small fish. Nothing to brag about. As Tony says..." They call it fishing, not catching" Renne kept the fish. Offered to cook it up.

Got back to land, and got my necklace fixed at my favorite local jeweler. Enjoyed a few cold ones as he fixed it.

Day 10. Checked out at Pacifica and headed over to Brisas Del Mar. IMHO no trip to the Zihua area is complete without a stay at this great hotel! Perfect locat1on. Walk to town, and to Madera beach's hidden gems of restaurants.

Dinner at Intrawest! mmm. Hands down the worlds best Calamari! Great Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne as well. Ahhh the good life! This is how the other half lives! By the way... what a awesome hotel. It's worth a look.

Day 10, Got the news that my folks upgraded to the new master sands at Pacifica! Wow! They've been blessed to be owners since 1988, and have seen the construction of these beautiful villas. Pacifica made them deal they couldn't refuse! Awesome villa! Now this is how the other lives! LOL

Day 11 Great day on Playa Madera. MJ Richies famous burritos for lunch! God I missed these damn things! Pre gamed at the beach bar before the "Board Party". Party started at the sunset bar at Brisas del Mar. Shared and learned some stuff. Got a little political. And the party continued over to Casa Vieja for dinner. After dinner drinks at Paccolos! Somehow made it to Bandidos. Had a great hamburger from a "street meat" vendor. Don't believe the hype! LOL!

Day 12, well..... this is the day I had to contemplate if I was going to call Zihua home for good. And cancel my flight. Call my bank. Or go back home to the hustle. I ended up boarding my plane with great regrets. But I knew I would be back. And one day Zihua will be home for at least six months of the year. So 12 days will have to do for now. I can't complain. I am very fortunate to be able to enjoy this place for the last 20 years. I have met great locals who welcome me into there homes. Break bread with me and enjoy conversation. I love how the people of Mexico are so friendly. And proud of what they have. I have learned so much. Not just of this beautiful place, but how wholesome people can be. I love to indulge myself into the culture. I have even umpired a local youth baseball game. I took a taxi out to some far town from Zihua. Coacoyul. Umped a game. Hopped into a pickup truck with the baseball team in the back, thats nine kids! LOL! Only in Mexico! And 5 of us up front and took a ride back to Zihua for some more baseball! When I tell other tourist this, they look at me like I am crazy. But they don't know what they are missing!

Until next time!!


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