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Tuesday, sitting at the Sunset Bar @ Catalina Beach Resort overlooking Zihuatanejo Bay Dos por uno and then...? ? ? So relaxed it's hard to think of what to do next.

Have walked La Ropa every morning before breakfast.

Sunday took a cab to town, wandered, shopped, went down to the pier, wandered more, then......WALKED to Commercial Mexicana....won't do that again. Took a cab back to Catalina, later walked to Jungle Pizza (ya, we know we're in Mexico, but the folks on this board made it sound like it was a must-do). If you like pizza, it is. HINT: much faster to walk there from the beach than from the road in front of Catalina.

Monday....bus to town, bus to Petatlan, cab to Barra De Potosi, boat ride through the laggon, "truck" to El Refugio, (a MUST-SEE), Laurel, the curator gave us a lift to the highway and we caught the bus back to town. Walked to Banditos, had dinner/drinks. Shopped for Tequila (7 Leguas) hubby's favorite, caught a cab back to Catalina.

Today: Breakfast, the pool, the pool, the pool, as mentioned earlier we're partaking in Dos por uno & the sunset will need to figure our what to do for dinner.

Having a blast?

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