Trip Report 12/12 - 12/20 2009

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We had a great time.

Took the bus to Petatlan, went to Barra De Potosi, took a boat-ride through the lagoon, went to El Refugio De Potosi (open since August '09) saw creatures great and small up close and personal. If you get a chance, don't miss the opportunity - they have got a great set-up there. And if you're inclined, they really could use donations for buying food for the animals/reptiles/birds etc as well as for expanding their exhibits. Laurel Patrick has already created a wonderful/educational experience and could do a great deal more with an infusion of cash.

We walked the beach (Playa La Ropa) each morning before breakfast spent a few days shopping, lots more days relaxing. Witnessed the release of baby sea turtles (as we had seen last year when we were there)

One of our first "shopping" days, we took the bus to town (The bus was our usual transportation) shopped for a few hours, went to the pier to take a few photo's, then for some strange reason decided to WALK to Comercial Mexicana.

Stayed at Catalina - Fabulous staff; incredibly helpful and friendly. Found out that Celso's favorite chocolate is Euphoria Chocolate. I may have to try some.

Our last full day in Zihuatanejo, we took the bus to Playa Linda visited the crocodile refuge, saw crocs from 12" to more than 6' long, as well as turtles, iguanas, and a variety of birds.

Overall a great trip.

Coming home was not so pleasant, we landed at LAX 1/2 hr early, had 2 1/2 hours to get through customs and imigration but almost missed our flight Why? Well, at Terminal 3 there was one (1), yes only one TSA luggage screener operating, we stood in line for EVER !

Once on the plane at the Gate, the pilot announced that if everyone would get situated we could take off early (20 min), we ended up taking-off 25 minutes late.

Was it worth the hassle at the airport - to be able to experience Zihuatanejo again? You bet !

I still don't have a "home" computer, but will post photos as soon as we get up and running.

Merry Christmas everyone !

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