Trip Observations 12-20/12-26

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Escrito por JBinCT desde ( el día lunes, 28 de diciembre, 2009 a las 13:08:45 horas :

Just returned from Zihua on our 'miracle trip' (so called because ours was the only flight on the JFK board not canceled the blizzard morning of Dec 20) and have a few quick observations:

1) Tourism/business is slow. Yes, it was busy Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and undoubtedly all this week, but conversations with taxi drivers, waiters etc. indicate that this will be a tough year. Be generous with tips and patronize restaurants even if you have a meal plan or in-room kitchen.
2) La Ropa water is as clear (clean?) as I can remember. As a result I spent much more time in the water, even resuming morning swims, something I have not done for many years. Someone is doing something right, let's hope it continues.
3) Town looked good; relatively clean and the awning lights are a nice touch. Only saw it at night so I can't address the tree/shade concerns but nighttime aesthetics are pleasant.
4) Still nothing like a holiday crowd on La Ropa. Wonderful to see the beach and water filled with families on Christmas Day. Only negative was the cruise ship dominating the view, but it was the only one all week.
5) New construction on hills S of La Ropa (Cerro del Vigia?) and W of town ( Monte Cristo?) still in early phases but noticeable, especially lights at night where there used to be none.

Highlights included:
1) Sharing Zihuatanejo with a newbie- my daughter's friend. "This is the most amazing place. This is the best week..." Frequent visitors can get jaded about Zihua, nice to get some perspective.
2) Spending time with my son. Now that he is in college 600 miles away I miss the day-to-day stuff. Played golf at Marina (I birdied the first and last holes!), boogie-boarded and played catch on the beach; just like we did when he was 10. Oh, to never grow old...
3) Catching Jimi Mamou on Christmas evening. If you haven't seen him, you should make it a point to do so. If you have, you know what I am talking about.
4) The food, The food. The food. In addition to the regular every-visit stops we tried El Manglar for the first time (very good) and revisited Caprichos for the first time in a couple years (outstanding). And is there anything better than a leisurely breakfast at Paty's, watching the waves and the people? We did it every morning.


Watching my Cal Bears implode against Utah. Bandido's found the game for me but it might have been better if they had not. The shrimp tacos, beer and Don Julio helped ease the pain...a little.

All in all another great trip. Looking forward to returning in a few weeks!

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