Las Cabañuelas

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Escrito por ZihuaRob [ Boardmaster ] el día miércoles, 06 de enero, 2010 a las 20:30:01 horas :

Las Cabañuelas refers to an ancient Spanish tradition of predicting the weather for the upcoming year according to the weather observed during the days of a month. In Mexico Las Cabañuelas is observed during January. The first 12 days represent the months of the year in order, the next 12 days represent the months in reverse, the next 6 days represent 2 successive months a day in order, and each 2 hours of the last day of January again represent the 12 months in order.

All I know is that this is a significant El Niño season and this is very similar to the last time there was a significant El Niño effect. It is not entirely odd to get a day or so of rain during the early part of the year. I believe we had one or two rainy days around January and February of last year, too even though there was no significant El Niño effect.

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