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My Husband and I arrived in Zihua Saturday, Jan. 9th after a very smooth trip on Continental from Grand Rapids, Mi. via Houston, and into Z before noon! We were lucky enough to book tickets in May of 2009 at a great price and decided to stay for 15 days, spending the 1st week at Playa La Ropa, and an another 8 days in Troncones with family. Can't tell you how nice to was to step off that plane into the Mexican sunshine!(Have you noticed that smell of Mexico? I love it!)

Right off, we noticed a few changes from last year at customs. A german shepherd was guided over all the luggage before it was placed on the carousel, and our bags were put through x-ray before we headed out to the Taxi Stands. It seemed that Mexico was taking security at the airport seriously.

We took the advice of Posters and headed across the Airport lot to grab our taxi outside of the fence (cost $200.00 pesos) for a short ride to the Sotavento on Playa La Ropa. Having no experience staying at Sotavento in the past, I had gathered some information about the hotel from this board, so we knew it was one of Zihua's 1st hotels and that it was possibly being converted to condos.

We were booked into a clean and simply furnished room with a cool breeze blowing across a large covered patio overlooking the beach. We found the staff to be helpful and friendly, and even brought a refrigerator to our room so we could store cold beverages. But The STAIRS! We counted, 94 steps up to the lobby from our room, 89 steps up from the beach!! Couldn't figure out who would need Yoga when a few trips to the lobby will do ya for the day!

On our trips to town, (Taxi from La Ropa $40.00 pesos) we noticed all the work that had been done to the streets in centro. The statues are attractive and we did appreciate the trash barrels placed on each corner. We only saw one cruise ship on Sunday, yet we found town to be busy each night. We strolled the artisan's market and found nothing to be "Almost Free" or at "K-Mart prices" but found some interesting items for home just the same. We had dinner in Pazole Alley for the 1st time in our 14 trips and the Tamales Verdes and Pozole Rojo were very good! Other restaurants we enjoyed were Lety's for Garlic Shrimp, Los Braseros for Enchiladas, and OH MY! those margaritas at Elvira's will put a smile on your face!

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset over Zihua's bay at Catalina's Sunset Bar. We had arrived a bit early and sipped our drinks as guests slowly appeared from foliage covered paths from all directions. We took some lovely pictures of the view, and had a good laugh when my husband likened our gathering for the sunset to Michael Jackson's Thriller video.

We just had a chance to catch a bit of Scott's blues at the Flophouse Bar when the downpour hit Friday! First time we had ever had rain in Z during a trip. We jumped into a cab and arrived back to the Sotavento to find it in the dark, having lost power. Although the wind was strong, the storm didn't last long and we gathered in the lobby while candles were handed out. Soon everything was back in order, and other than the fresh breeze, you would not have been able to tell there even was a storm.

The water at La Ropa was clear and blue. The waves were not too strong for swimming, yet there was enough wave action to lull us to sleep each night. It surprised us that after 14 trips to Z, Ixtapa, and Troncones, we took so long to discover the unique experience of staying at the La Ropa Beach area. We've decided we'll choose it again.

On Saturday, we picked up our rental car, our Son and Daughter-in-law at the Airport, and headed for 8 days at Casa Tranquila in Troncones.

To Be Continued.

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