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I have read many trip reports and most seem repetative, and so will this one. However this is from Ixtapa, the nearby area that no one on this board has anything to do with, so most will not be interested. However there may be some Ixtapians new to here who may benefit, so here goes. Continental to get from Detroit to Houston, and then on a half empty small plane to Z. This was on a Tuesday and I will always come on same day from now on. For those like me who have arrived on Sat. and waited 30 minutes in the sun outside, and another 20 inside, Tue. was great. No crowd, bags waiting for us. Someone took our temp as we entered. What if I am ok and Judy is sick? Perhaps put her back on plane alone because I am not leaving seeing sun for the first time in 2 months. $31 cab to Marina area to our rented condo. Surprise, the owners thought we were coming Thursday. Two hours of chaos with broken Spanish and broken English scattered all over the place. All ended well with an exchange of gifts. Bus to the Bodega. It is easy to get there bec the bus stops right in front and leaves from across the street. The main reason we go there is for the ham without turkey. All the ham in the supermercado in Ixtapa is a blend of ham and turkey. We get a pound of ham and a pound of cheese which Judy freezes and pulls out about 5 slices at a time for our lunches. Bacardi dark rum and pineapple juice for my usual prelunch drink. Finally to the beach where we met up with old friends. Bus 5 pesos to Ixtapa centro, dinner at Bigotes de Zapata, not hungry, so tortilla soup and an order of fish tacos and two agua minerales. Senor Martini remembered and greeted us warmly. Great food. Dinner was around 200 pesos. Bus home. Next morning walked to Ixtapa centro to Golden Cookie to buy 5 grain bread at 9 A.M.* is too early as bread won't slice, and 10 is too late as it is sold out. To Scruples to get yoghurt, cut up fruit, and pastries. We prefer the bakery at Ixtapa Palace but no energy to walk there. Home to breakfast on balcony. Beach where I body surf for 20 minutes the swim laps for 10 minutes. Tried reading but all the pelicans diving in front distracted me. Lunch on balcony. At 6 PM here on Thur they spray poison gas all over to kill bugs so we are going to Cine to see a DeNiro movie to get out of the killing zone. My friends here, 10 of them walked to Playa Linda this morning but they stayed on the road and avoided the jungle path. What a shame, but they are all here and loving it. Maybe more to come.

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