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O.K. After coming to Ixtapa for probably 25 years, we finally went to the cinema this evening. 5PM show and thur night is 2 for 1. So for 50 pesos we entered the show. Now you can imagine for 50 pesos for 2 how bad, old and decrepid the place must be, right? WRONG. A big beautiful clean movie theater, nicer than most back home, with great modern clean bathrooms. Popcorn (palamitas) 15 pesos, and a large bottle of water 10 pesos. Back home $10 to get in and $5 popcorn. The movie "Todo Está Bien" was ok but DeNiro was terrific. Dinner at El Camarón Azul. We had not been there before but it is usually crowded so we went for it. Judy and I split a fish fillet dinner (ajillo) and it was one of the best we have ever had. We will return there. Bus home. I know if you are spending 1 or 2 weeks you are not going to see a movie. But since retiring and spending 5 weeks down here for 5 years now, it feels like home and sometimes I think this really is home and that other place is a temp place where I go till I can come back. We give up a lot of stuff in Mich. to be able to return yearly, and it is all worth it. Just getting off the plane and seeing all the beautiful flowers brought a smile to my face which is still there.

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