Trip Report: 2nd Week/ Troncones

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After 5 relaxing days at the Sotavento, we received an email from our son and daughter-in-law saying that there was a problem with our reservations for Troncones at Casa Tranquila. Seems that although we had a confirmation from Febuary 2009, due to the death of Anita Lapointe, the casa was booked to another party for our week. After a brief panic, we looked around for other lodgings and realized that although the season appeared busy, there were plenty of vacancies. By Friday, the owner advised us she had made arrangments for us, and to "See Luis" on our arrival in Troncones on Saturday.

We met our son and daughter-in-law at the airport (taxi fare from La Ropa to airport $220.00 pesos) and rented a car for the week from Europa. We did opt for the extra insurance since we knew we would be driving 200 at night traveling back and forth from Z to Troncones. We have traveled this road before and yes, between animals and other drivers, it's best to stay alert!

We found Luis next to Burro Borracho, and to our surprise, they had made Casa Tranquila available to us! It was a relief to hear, and we were told the other party was happy with their new accommodations also. Casa Tranquila is a 2-bedroom home that is perfect for a party of 4, and is within walking distance to the small town of Troncones. The beach in front of the home is rock free with a good surf break for boogie boards. We unpacked, hopped into our rental, and headed to Comercial Mexicana for supplies.

Our first night, dinner was at Costa Brava near the bridge towards town. The guys had Enchiladas and we girls each had the whole Red Snapper with garlic. Very Tasty!! We also dined at Burro Borracho's for the Sunday evening performance of local dancers, and at the Inn at Manzanillo Point. The Inn is a bit pricey, but very good, and I would recommend the BBQ Ribs.

We spent days just lounging, staring at the sea, reading, one day shopping in Ixtapa, and one day shopping in Z. We also took a little time to investigate Residencial Playas y Cocos, a new developement of homes being built in San Juan Ixtapa. We were impressed with the floor plans and the close proximity to the beaches of Ixtapa. Ummmmm. Could be a very affordable retirement home. I've got to practice my Spanish!!!

On Thursday we took a road trip to Barra de Potosí. For $300.00 pesos the 4 of us had an hour tour of the lagoon, which turned out to be bit longer when our boat motor became tangled in fish netting. As our captain worked to free the motor, the fisherman to whom the net belonged appeared to help. The net was untangled with a lot of effort and damage, and we sat quietly as the fisherman and our captain negotiated a fair price for the damaged net. Finally, everyone was satisfied, and we were on our way back to the village were we watched children running through the water playing tag and laughing. We tipped our captain an extra $100.00 pesos. After all, he had a new net to pay for.

After our lagoon ride we drove down the road towards Playa Blanca and stopped for a cool one at Chula Vida. This little restaurant is A MUST VISIT! The Piña Coladas were thick and creamy. We dined on Ceasar salads, lobster, and 1-inch thick steaks with vegetables and rice, 4 glasses of wine and 2 Spanish Coffees. The food was excellent, the service was better than excellent, (what a show by the waiter preparing our Spanish Coffees!) and we left knowing that we had just had our best meal of the whole trip! Thank you Jorge. As we drove down the winding road towards 200 we had a close call with a horse. Like I said, you got to be alert!

By Sunday we were relaxed but not really ready to go home even after 15 days. Our flights were long and the Temps in Michigan were low, and if we were able we'd be on a plane and heading back right now!

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