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Arrived in Zihua w' my best friend on Jan 18th...Alaska Air from Seattle...had first margarita at Casa Arcadia..Knew we were finally in Paradise!

Now just highlights...Been there maybe 17 had a was dining at Letys..had the coconut shrimp & did not dissappoint! Left for Patzcuaro for 4 nights on 1/21, the Parakhuni bus is the best! Thanks to Craig and El Tacano, I had emailed the most fantastic guide for a tour...Marcia Parrino. We arranged a tour for Fri. to meet early to visit surrounding towns..Capula, Santa Fe de La Laguna, & Tocuaro where I bought a mask from a local mask maker..(on my list)..ended up taking a second tour on Sun...went 2.5 hrs away to quaint artisan towns..Ocumicho, San Jose de Garcia and Patamba..Amazing experience! We stayed at Hotel Los Escudos in Patzcuaro (Love it!) (530 pesos a night for 2 double beds, 2 people) right on the big heat, but from past experience learned to ask for a heater at check in. Didn't need it much this time.

On the way back to Zihua on Parakhuni bus we were stopped by the Marinos near Troncones and they searched the bus.

A few more highlights and things on the list. Went to Las Gatas to find Owen Lee to buy "Prisoner in Paradise" and have him sign it. We succeeded in finding him at his house and he graciously invited us up to his house & he did sell & sign his books for us. He sure looks great for 83 years old.!..By the way, he says he will welcome anyone coming to visit and purchase his book.

Other fun highlights...

Had a wonderful dinner at El Perla Negra (on the list)

The always things to do!.. hamburger at the hamburguesa stand by the basketball court..(at least once), pozole verde at Ricomars (YUM), dinner at Rufos, a few breakfasts at Casa Cafe, Barra de Potosi (twice this year), dinner at Daniels for ceasar salad with chicken, buying & bringing back vanilla and sea salt for friends, buying bracelets from the vendedoras (did I say that right?) meeting wonderful people from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Canada, etc., and my new thing..bringing shoes, purses, etc. to be repaired at the shoe repair shop. (Just know that tomorrow at 3pm really means 3 days later at 3pm)

2 of our good friends invited us to dinner at their houses..Yummy grilled shrimp from both friends...(because they know we love it!) And they are THE BEST!

Marcia Parrino's email is

Feel free to email me personally if you need some info

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