Trip report long & we stayed in Ixtapa most days

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We did stay around Ixtapa most days. But truly relaxed this vacation. Sat. arrived about 2:30 not sure what time we entered our room. Threw the suitcases on the spare bed got into shorts and headed to Mamma Normaís. Good food and service as always.

Every morning we start on the patio watching the early risers walk the beach. Once we have Rehydrated ourselves and made plans for the day we head down to walk the beach ourselves and return to a lounge to relax, drink, snack and possibly read.

Sun: We debated about going into Zihua to Bandidos for the game. We got too lazy and headed to Franks. We ended up at Franks the beginning of the 2nd quarter of the Colts/Jets game. Shared a rack of Ribs. First time we had ever eaten there. Food was very good. But unfortunately we are used to Midwestern ribs with meat on them. We stayed through both games. Service was pretty good and they were packed. We had many cervezas & met a couple from Detroit Lakes, MN. Went back to the resort I feeling quite good, my husband a bit broken hearted.

Mon: Went to the La Hacienda Ixtapa for supper (recommended on the board). We are always too early for supper. I donít like eating past 4:00 or 5:00. My afterthought, I wondered if the man that waited on us was trying to do everything, prep, wait, cook ect. Because the service was SLOW, food took forever. You could tell the other tables felt the same. But the food was VERY GOOD. And we would return.

Tues: Took a cab into Zihua. Walked around awhile. Ran into a guy at the pier who overheard us talking about Playa La Ropa. He pointed out how to get there from La Madera. We were off. La Ropa is a very nice beach I can see where the appeal is for people who stay in Zihua. We walked the beach a while, checked out El Manglar in case we ended up doing the one nice dinner we had planned. Stopped at Paty's and had lunch. It was quite good.

I believe Paty's would have appealed to us more had we been staying in the area and become familiar with the staff and customers. Walked back to town and walked around checking more things out. Stopped at 3 Amigos for a few cervezas. Waiter was great. But the husband kept saying the bill didnít seem right only to realize after we walked away the tip had been included. The waiter ended up with over a 30% tip for 6 beers. Oh well. Made our way to Letys about 4:30 too early for supper again. But we knew if we didnít try it we might not make it back. Me and no Spanish and the waitress with little English. She finally went to the kitchen and called for Lety. By this time I felt like a fool. I explained to her we had eaten lunch but by recommendation of this board really wanted to try a relleno & my husband was not a big seafood fan. She graciously took our order and went back to the kitchen. I have always wondered why my husband liked them so much and after sharing one there I now know why. It was delish. He said it was the best one he has ever eaten. We hope to return next year and get the timing right. Then I will order one off the menu and he can have his cheese. We stopped at the Aztec bar in Ixtapa for a few cervezas. Seemed to be more of a local hang out.

Weds: We ate a snack at a place in Ixtapa (turn the corner by El Infierno Y La Gloria then all the way down to the left). Very reasonable and good. Went to El Infierno Y La Gloria for supper. Thought I had seen Alambres on the menu. They werenít but when I mentioned it they of course made them for me. Service was very good and so was the food. Stopped at the Aztec bar for a couple more cervezas (seemed to chase everyone away that was there) on the way back to the resort.

Thurs: We toured the Pacifica Grand. All I will say on this subject is it does have a BEAUTIFUL view of the bay. Went out for supper with the couple we had met from Detroit Lakes to El Arbolito (facing Chili beans it is to the right and upstairs). Very good food and very good service. The waiter finally said how late do you want to stay only for us to realize we were the only ones there. So we went to the music bar I think itís suppose to be like the tree tops. It starts with a K. It was o.k. service was not great. Ended up back at the resort 1:00 a.m. We never felt unsafe walking back. And for anyone who knows the way back to the Pacifica at night, it gets quite dark and this night we were the only people in sight. I saw someone had mentioned they would not walk to El Faro this year because of the crime. I would feel safe going there.

Fri: Supper at the place we went for lunch on Weds. Beef tacos for 68 pesos. Good service, good food.

We returned home to 8 degrees Sat. evening, but at least it was not snowing.

I was jealous of the people we knew were staying another week or two. We were on the top layer of the resort this year. I hated it the first day. But we met a lot of nice people many from Canada who stay 2-3 weeks every year & have rooms on that level. We booked the room above for next year, same time frame.

I did not make it to the basketball court again this year. Darn Vikings. Thanks to the recommendations on here we tried more places. And God willing weíll be back next year and hope to try more!!!!!!

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