Beauty in strange places

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Escrito por Hunter-MX desde ( el día lunes, 08 de febrero, 2010 a las 09:33:10 horas :

To follow up a bit on Rob's post below, I spent a great deal of time in Z this past week dealing with a tragedy here in Troncones. Part of what I felt was the right thing was still trying to show a bit of the beauty and glory that is this area to my friends to help ease troubled minds and distract from the obvious and painful tasks at hand. Imagine our delight and surprise to see the coral pink flash of a group of roseate spoonbills in the trees above the oh so despised canal. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me but we still enjoyed their welcome distraction. I returned several days later on much less serious business and thought I would just take a peek over the wall to see if by chance those living jewels were still there and quite to my surprise there they were...So here is my take on Jewels in the Sewer...

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