Day 1

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Escrito por Snowman Greg desde ( el día lunes, 08 de febrero, 2010 a las 10:45:40 horas :

We arrived to rain on Thursday at about noon. The airport staff was there to greet the ladies with umbrellas. Went thru customs then got our temp taken. Not sure what would have happened if we had a fever. I just had cabin fever. Grabbed our luggage and a cab. We were at the hotel within 45 minutes of landing. Wanted a room with a kitchenette. Not ready yet. Manana.

Went to MJ and Ritchie for lunch at about 1 30. We were the only ones there. Martin is back as waiter. Sat for a couple of hours then headed back to hotel for siesta. We had pozole on Pozele Alley then went to the Flophouse and listened to some good acoustic guitar blues by Scotty. Headed for La Playa Bar for a night cap. We returned our hotel and found we were locked out. Not really, but I didn,t know how to worked the key. Had to hit the timbre a few times to wake up our host and probably most of the guest in the hotel.

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