Friday Day 2

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Escrito por Snowman Greg desde ( el día lunes, 08 de febrero, 2010 a las 10:47:16 horas :

We met up with some friends in the morning and caught the bus to Playa Larga. Beautiful sunny day. We enjoyed snacks and beer at 4 Hermanos. Ocean was very calm and the water was nice and warm. We enjoyed watching two whales flop around and numerous dolphins. We noticed what looked like a long line or fishing net out in the water quite a ways out in the water. It kept getting closer to shore. Someone called out the marines to check it out because it looked as though there was a dolphin caught in it. It turned out to just be some debri from the rain. What looked like a fin was a wood box. False alarm. That night we we ate at Sanka Grill and had a night cap at Capricho to some soft guitar music. No siesta today so early to bed.

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