Roseate Spoonbill Alert & First Trip Report

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Escrito por Harry desde ( el día miércoles, 10 de febrero, 2010 a las 16:24:47 horas :

Barrio La Madera Report ·1

Greetings troops!

Saw another one those roseate spoonbill birds today in the canal. They sure are a funny looking critter! Of course they probably say the same thing about us... Also had a cool meeting with our Host with the Most... ZihuaRob! Kinda nice to meet in person after I'd been playing around on this board and using it to plan vacations for 5 years!!!

I had always walked quickly through the Playa La Madera neighborhood on my other trips here. I am really happy that I decided to use this for home base this time. It is quite a little gem, and the merchants in the area are trying their best to put on a good face despite leanish tourist numbers.

First meal was at the very established MJ Ritchies, right on the beach. Though it was not specifically on the menu, Rafael had his cook whip me up an octopus dish with fresh chilis and garlic that really rocked! Chomped it down as I watched the Sailfest folks set up for their event on Sunday. Needed to catch a bit of sleep because I travelled all night without a wink to get here so I could not partake in the festivities, but bought a copy of the 2010 Sailfest CD to support the cause.

Dined last night at the basketball court where the weekly Sunday party always is and demolished some tamales and carnitas with great gusto. First time ever I decided to try one of those colourful drink things that they serve out of big glass jars. After first ascertaining with the lady that all was made with purified water only, I tried the tamarind flavoured one. It was greatly refreshing and pleased to say I have had no ill effects so far.

I chose to walk back to my hotel along the malecon (seawall) even though it was kind of dark. There was a uniformed police presence both on the bridge out of el Centro and again along the path. As we passed each in the dark I simply said gracias in my best gringo-inflected Spanish, just to express some appreciation. It was sincere too.

Today's big treat so far was a cracking 2 hour massage from Louisa Padilla who has a nice booth set up as an extension of the Marisco El Costeno restaurant on that street along the canal near the bridge. She is very very good. So good that I already booked a second appt for Weds. There are some very cute looking seafood joints on this street. I got a really good feeling about the Costeño which has a kind of post modernist decor working with a cyclone wire fence as a principle design element. It is very chic, and I am sure they copied some expensive design from Los Angeles or NYC. So now I have to try their food too. I think it is going to be great. Drawn to eat at Letys, have to try it after all the promo it gets here on thoard. Must get my fill of BBQ too, but I dont think that will be a problem. Seeing wheelbarrow loads of those tasty mamey fruits being wheeled around downtown, so those are obviously in season now.

Made my first good joke in Spanish that actually cracked up some Mexicanos today. On that street along the canal here in Madera several restaurants make a point of posting big signs reading BAÑOS $5. I guess there is a big demand for that kind of walk in trade....

I pointed to this sign at the Costeño and asked in Spanish if they had any Baños. A fellow replied in the affirmative. So I said Entonces dame uno o dos para llevar! (so then kindly give me one or two to take out)

Left them laughing. It felt good.

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