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Escrito por ZihuaRob [ Boardmaster ] el día viernes, 12 de febrero, 2010 a las 11:40:29 horas :

This is a translation of an article appearing in today's "El Sur de Acapulco" titled Denuncia un matrimonio de EU a una compatriota por fraude en Zihuatanejo.

Couple from USA File Complaint against Fellow Citizen for Fraud in Zihuatanejo

Brenda Escobar - Zihuatanejo

A married couple of foreign tourists presented themselves yesterday morning to the complaints office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer (Profeco) to file a formal complaint against the also foreigner Leigh Helen Roth for defrauding them of 27,500 pesos for the rental of a condo that she did not provide.

The accused provoked a loud discussion in that office with the affected party and with her neighbor, also of foreign nationality who went along in support of the affected married couple, so that the presence of six policemen was necessary to maintain order. With the help of a translator from the Public Minister's Tourist Attention Agency, the visitors Dan & Joyce Kaplan from Minnesota told how they entered into a rental agreement with Leigh Helen Roth for the sum of 27,500 pesos to rent a condo in La Madera for their vacation, but when they arrived Ms. Roth did not honor the agreement and they had to find other lodging while they resolved the problem.

Mr. Kaplan added that four days ago he again went to seek out Ms. Roth to demand the refund of their money, and in reply Ms. Roth gave them a check postdated for March since she did not have sufficient funds in her bank account. For this reason the victims, advised by the accused's neighbor Rosario Periut, went to Profeco with the intent of getting their money refunded since Ms. Roth tried to pay them with a book and some old paintings.

Three years ago Leigh Helen Roth was deported to the United States, her native country, by the National Institution of Immigration after complaints were filed by her neighbors, also of foreign nationality, who complained of her constant scandals.

Sources at the Sefotur offices in Zihuatanejo commented that two weeks ago Ms. Roth was arrested by state police because she stripped naked in the ecological park "El Refugio de Potosí" and attacked a tourist. "At the request of one of the park's partners, the delegate from Sefotur, Artemisa Alarcón, filed a formal complaint with Immigration so that they would intervene and again deport Ms. Roth back to her country because she is a persona non grata in this port, but far from proposing some kind of solution the lawyer who attended to the delegate treated her like a liar, and she assured the delegate that she knows the foreigner and that she does not believe the accusation".

For their part, the investigator from the Public Minister's Tourist Attention Agency suggested that the Kaplan's file a formal lawsuit against Ms. Roth so that the Agency can forward it to Immigration, "because this is not the first time this woman has committed frauds and scandals in Zihuatanejo".

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