Dynamite night!

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Escrito por ZihuaRob [ Boardmaster ] el día sbado, 13 de febrero, 2010 a las 12:09:59 horas :

I didn't take a camera so I don't have any photos, but last evening's gala event at the Zcalo with Son D'Ak and Sonora Dinamita was absolutely unforgettable if not historical. The entire plaza was closed to the general public and a special metal wall was brought from Acapulco to close off the plaza. The plaza was set with tables and chairs from one end to the other including the basketball court area. A huge stage was set up on the basketball court for the main performance and the other stage area was enlarged to allow Son D'Ak ample room for their equipment and dancers (quite a difference from their little area at Bandidos). The Carnaval Queen and the two runners up were crowned on the main stage, and past queens from as far back as the first Zihuatanejo Carnaval also joined them while large screens ran slideshow photos of past Carnaval events (including some rare old photos of my wife who may not have been a Carnaval Queen but will always be the Queen of My Heart).

Zihuatanejo's crme de la crme was there in all their finery, and everyone socialized and gossiped and caught up on old times and especially they danced when Sonora Dinamita took the stage and played until about 3 in the morning. They have been one of the most popular tropical dance bands south of the Ro Bravo for at least a couple of decades that I'm aware of, with most of their members hailing from Colombia.

Frankly I was surprised at what a wonderful event the evening turned out to be. Truly a memorable occasion and a remarkable return to the long forgotten spirit of Carnaval here, a spirit that the recently revived Carnaval celebrations of these past few years never quite managed to fully recapture until this year. Bien hecho!

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