evening at the VicMar "jail"

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...so the four of us left Troncones for a night in Zihau since our friends had never been to the city. I asked in a post a few weeks ago for inexpensive but decent places to stay. Several people gave suggestions. We had stayed at the VicMar about seven years ago so we booked there. But things have really changed at this hotel! Here are just a few of the difficulties we experienced--our friends were put into a room that looked like a jail cell but were moved to larger room after la cucaracha was discovered. Why they were put in this cell to begin with is a mystery as we were the only "guests" on the that floor.
My room adventure began with the impossibility of getting the door to our room to open. One of the beds in our room had springs sneaking through the mattress, the shelving was filthy (good thing we had only a couple of shirts to stack on the spring bed), the hot water was not even warm anytime any of the four of us took showeres or washed hands after using a toilet with no toilet seat (our room only).
The scaryist part of this overnight(mare) was that the hotel door was locked and the only key was with the owner. He assured us that to leave we just had to ring the bell by the door. We had planned to leave about 6:30 in the morning to watch the boats go out but nooooo. We rang the bell several times to no avail. No one came to let us out. Did I mention that there were bars over all the windows?...we were relieved that there had been no fire. About 7:15ish, the owner wandered back to the hotel and used THE key to get into the hotel. To answer the obvious qustion, Yes I had made it clear that we wanted to leave about 6:30. He said no problem--NO PROBLEM!! All we had were problems. Just wanted to let you all know. This was a NO STAR hotel!

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