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Most impressive thing we noticed this year was the street improvements in Zihua and the additional trash containers. The city give you a feeling of order, cleanliness and safety. I will expand on the topic of safety in a separate post later.

The weather was very different this year. Either it was a little cooler during the day or the addition of a breeze most days just made it feel that way. One of the best 2 weeks we've experience there in 23 years.

Best tamale, Lady at the basketball court on Sunday evening
Best tortilla soup, Tamale Any
Best burger, The cart across from basketball court on Sunday evenings and special events.
Best Margarita, Brisas del Mar on Las Gatas beach
Best grilled red snapper, Princess Rebeca on Ixtapa Island
Best coconut shrimp, Lety' there's a shock. In fact the new name of her place is "The coconut shrimp house"
Best and warmest welcome back hug, Lety
Best high end restaurant meal, El Faro at the Pacifica
Best entertainment while dining, El Faro at the Pacifica
Best new restaurant find because of this board, El Perla Negra

2 weeks flew like in was 2 days and ended with the excitement of a tsunami which never really happened, and that was a good thing.

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