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Escrito por Rob () via proxy desde ( el día jueves, 04 de marzo, 2010 a las 11:14:47 horas :

ok been here day and half and let me list the things that have meet or exceeded expectations so far -

coconut h
shrimp at Letys, even my wife who thought she didnt like shrimp loved them

casa adriana - great view, locat1on and host I doubt if there is anything that has those three as well as this place

breakfast at casa cafe - banana pancakes - could become a daily habit

weather - it is hot!

hills - lots and steep

ate at three amigos it was very good, spent the afternoon on la ropa at elviras - 4 hours with umbrella, 2 lounges, 3 beer, 1 plate of ceviche, 1 margarita, 1 daquiri and 1 diet coke - 270 pesos - 30 feet from the ocean,

this place is very pretty but I feel sorry for the locals - it is dead, very few tourists, both at letys on tuesday and 3 amigos last night at 6-630 pm we where the only ones in the place, it is to bad for sure

today we are doing a 5 hour private country tour and tomorrow going out on Picante catamaran, will let you know how that went

as for crime - we may be naive or after a dozen trips to mexico have to much faith but haven't seen any but again this place is crawling with police. The walk way along Madera which is right below our hotel is great, lots of lights are not working but rather than thugs hiding there the place is full of young couples doing what young couples do in the dark but again in the centro and along that area the police are every where

hasta luego

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