Packed Up And Got Ready To Go Back To Gringolandia

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Escrito por Mexbungalows () via proxy desde ( el día lunes, 08 de marzo, 2010 a las 21:16:40 horas :

Just had to be screwing up the neigborhood. After all I am the only gringo in a fifty mile radius (not far enough).

"Not So Fast" my neighbors yelled. "You are OUR gringo now". Who will help teach our children Ingles? Who will play the part of the straight man when Octavia comes up with a particularly picante patch of serranos?

And not so funny is the warning from Andrea, the tia of little Pilar and Dalia "You are their only grandfather. If you leave you are dead meat (or to that effect)".

And not so funny is that I am returning with a metate. Eduardo's milpa is ready the elotes are beautiful and cal is easy to find. I have a comal de barro, and lots of guisaxche. I intend to show the menfolk what REAL tortillas taste like. My severed head may be sent to the US consular agent attached to a threatening note from the womenfolk.

Boredom in a tiny village? Not me!

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