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The first time we went to the mercado, actually the fresh food mercado outside on the street. Monica took us to vendors for chilies, farmers cheese, fish, beans, and other comestibles. She talked to the vendors and bought tomatoes, chilies, corn, beans, etc. When we returned to her place, we roasted the chilies and tomatoes on coals, peeled them, and hydrated some that were dried. Then we all took molcajetes and ground the chilies and tomatoes with onions, garlic, etc. to make an assortment of salsas with varied spiciness. We also ground the corn and made masa, and made tortillas by hand and using a press. Finally, we all participated in making a bean dish with chorizo, peruano beans, onions, and chilies. Finally, we sat down to a simple but fine meal using all the items we'd made.
Second time we went, we made four different types of chile rellenos using fresh poblano chilies, dried chilies, jalapenos, and the type that's referred to as Anaheims where we live. Three types were rolled in flour and egg, stuffed with fresh cheese and fried, and one type made with the poblanos was filled with an amazing meat and nut mixture, and covered with a crema mexicana, after which we sprinkled on pomegranate seeds. Those were huge, and Monica said they were a special relleno that had been made for the president of Mexico, since it had red, white, and green colors. Then, of course, we ate all the rellenos we could stuff in. The meal was well worth the $25 each for the class. She does a variety of classes, and I'm sure she'd tailor it for the group you're with. She also gives you a folder with the recipes you've cooked all written out.

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