Hotel Irma and trip report

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My family and I got back from a week (only!! -sigh) in Zihua last night. Third time staying there. A few bits of info:

locat1on of Irma is great. Wonderful breeze and you can walk to LaRopa or downtown Zihua. Big hill both ways.

The hot tub on level three is finished. But cold!

Doing some minor construction in front of the first floor units. Building a covering for patios to give more shade. Great idea but a little noisy by pool when they work.

There are never enough places by the pool. Particularly bad for spots in the shade in the afternoonn. People 'save' chairs and umbrella tables by leaving towels in the morning and are gone much of day. Same as other years, maybe a little worse.

Restaurant in Irma generally good. Club sandwich was not! Try orange juice, bacon, fruit, granola and yougurt and chicken tacos plus others.

Massages at Irma were great. First level below pool. Not very obvious locat1on but beautiful open views of bay and great breeze $30.00 US.

Irma is generally pretty quite at night. Not a big party place.

Rooms on 4th floor (and probably 5th) that are nearest the road...rooms that start at that end of the building are 401, 402, 402, 404... can be quite noisy with road noise. Also they pump water from a truck into an underground tank and since you are right off the road and parking lot there is a lot of noise when the truck is there. Also some noise from cab drivers that line up at top of hill. However we really enjoyed being ocean front and using the small balcony.

Lots of interesting "sea life' in tide pools (rocks) on beach below Irma - to the left as you look out. Wear some water proof shoes if possible.

There is a book case at Irma, across from front desk, where people have left the books they have finished.

It was more humid than I remember it being before. Perhaps that is from all the rain last month. It is also greener.

Some in my family speak a little Spanish and it seemed any effort to speak it was appreciated.

There were 5 of us. We felt very safe on walk-way on ocean into town. Mostly young lovers hanging out. Some of the lights are out which would be best if replaced.

Favorite restaurants were La Gula and Rufos. Unsure of spelling. Both with in easy walking distance down the hill. Also had great luck eating where locals eat. Great food everywhere.

Monica's cooking school is great!

Favorite market to visit. I couldn't tell you exacty where is is but this is a quote form a response to a question on this site about markets... It is ..."tianguis"-smaller mercado "Montes de Oca" across from the "Merza Pack" store on Catalina Gonzalez." I thougt is was more like a farmer's market that I am familar with in the US. We did eat what we purchased and have had no problems. Cheese, breads, fruit, some vegatables. They also have chickens and fish and some cooked food. A few extra coins brings a big smile. In the grocery store next door you can purchase an anti-bacterial product to put in water and wash produce. Also available at Commercial Mexicana.

We found cab drivers fair and friendly.

Las Gatas and LaRopa beaches were great.

Needed to take a cab from Irma to Jungle Pizza. Quite a ways down La Ropa road. Closed on Monday or Tuesday?? and does not open til 4:00.

Irma very clean as usual. Zihua itself looked great I thought. Maybe even better than usual. Very helpful and friendly people.

Riding local bus is great fun.

Some from out group went to Playa Linda. Did not think it had much to offer.

It was the first trip there for the rest of my family. They loved it. I have been several place but there is no place like Zihua! Hope we get to go back!!

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