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Escrito por Lee of Lino () via proxy desde ( el día viernes, 19 de marzo, 2010 a las 00:13:04 horas :

We were lucky enough to have 10 days this year in Zihua. Needless to say, we are already planning next year's 10 days!
We stayed at the Irma for our second year. The first room we had was nice but had a small bathroom for two tall gringos and Carlos helped get us moved to the 4th floor where we had stayed last year. Someone had asked about the TV reception. Last year we had several English channels in our room on the 4th floor. This year we had channel 60 CNN in Engish in RM 14 but no channel 60 in RM 406. Oh well, we came to vacation--not to watch TV. Besides, Hollywood brought along a mini-laptop so we could be in constant contact with the "outside" world.

We enjoyed revisiting some of our favorite spots from last year. La Casa Cafe is always a favorite for breakfast (+ it has that wireless that "Hollywood" enjoys) and, of course, Lety's. Finally stopped and enjoyed some juice from the Juice Lady on Adelita. M-m-m good!!

Got to meet Judi from Oklahoma! It's nice to get some faces for the names I've been reading on this page for four years. She and her husband are so nice. Hopefully, may run into them again in the future.

Enjoyed stopping in at The Corner Bar. "Hollywood" had to visit with Harry again. It was one of our favorites from last year.

We did the Picante Sunset Cruise for the 3rd time and will probably do it again next year. It's always a great time. Also did a Mexican Fiesta at the Barcelo this year. Haven't been to one of them in a long time. It was fun and will probably repeat it again in a few years. The music! The food! The dancing!! We also went to La Casa Vieja and enjoyed the music of Jesus Sanchez.

God willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be back next year. The people, the food, the ambiance all keep us coming back. Hopefully, the world won't get in our way!

So we had a great time. The walk up "heart attack" to the Irma from town kept us in shape.

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