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Escrito por SuZih () via proxy desde ( el día viernes, 19 de marzo, 2010 a las 23:43:06 horas :

Spent 10 days in Zihua, March 4-14. Always such a wonderful place to come back to, so warm and welcoming and the people of Zihua - they are so charming. Weather was great, though a bit humid, we used to coming in Jan or Feb. So great to see this hills so green this year from the rain during the winter.
Favorite new restaurants we tried: La Gula, wow - can't wait to go back there. Raco de Foc, Chef Gustavo is fabulous and he treated us to his home-made Flan (Thanks Gustavo)! We'll be going back there next year, we really loved the log cabin, up north feel. Another favorite place we ate three times is Los Braceros and the Tacos Pastor. Wish I could duplicate that up here in MN! The only downer of the trip was our accommodations at Casa Luna Llena - many, many issues and we felt patronized by owner and administrator. And, talk about a Mexican minute just to get some toilet paper! I'll find another spot for next year. Love ya Zih!

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