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My boyfriend and I were in Zihuatanejo from February 23rd – March 2, and then in Troncones until March 5th. This was my 8th trip to Zihuatanejo since 2001, but the 1st since 2007. Even after a 3 year hiatus, I still felt at home when I stepped off the airplane. This was my boyfriend’s first time to Mexico.


In past years, I had stayed at Villa Vera Puerto Mio, Villa Carolina, and Hotel Casa Buenaventura. Although Villa Carolina will always have a special place in my heart, it was a place that I visited with my ex…..when I traveled to Zi in 2007, I came alone, and stayed at Villa Luz which is now La Villa. It was a lovely B&B then but I cannot comment on the new ownership/management. Having provided the background, for my return trip I needed to find a place that had no history…..a place where we could cook….a place that afforded spectacular views….a place that was close to Playa la Ropa. Casa Romantica/503A at Casa Que Ve Al Mar fit the bill – COMPLETELY.

We could not have found a better place. Besides the fact that the grounds are meticulously maintained, the 24 hour security checked everyone who entered the property. They were very welcoming and friendly on all of our trips in and out off the property. The horizon pools are to die for. The breezes, as I always remember, kept you comfortable even in the blazing hot sun.

You have to be able to handle steps - - there are a lot of them! But once you arrive at the door, you have arrived in a paradise all your own!

The condo has 2 bedrooms – master bedroom is in the front of the unit and has a bay view and an ensuite bathroom with a soaking tub w/shower; guest bedroom was at the back of the unit and had no views, it’s bathroom was not ensuite but had a huge shower, a complete kitchen with just about every appliance and gadget known to man – certainly everything you need while on vacation, indoor living room with flat screen tv, outdoor living room on the terrace offering amazing views of the bay, home office with a laptop that the owners leave for guest use (the complex has wireless internet so if you need to bring your own laptop you can use it in the common area by the pool). Mollie, the owner, made every effort to make sure that our vacation was the best. It was! www.beachviewzihua.com

So many restaurants, not enough time!

Elvira’s on Playa la Ropa – we spent 3 beach days at Elvira’s and also enjoyed 1 breakfast. This has always been a favorite of mine going back to ’01. The service is tops, the food is great & consistent, and Elvira’s Flan de Coco is the best!!

Rufo’s – still as good as I remember! place was packed and we got the last available table when we arrived. We had the grilled mahi mahi & bbq ribs. I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on the menu!

Lety’s – new since I was last in Zihua and very popular with the board. We had the “famous” coconut shrimp & garlic shrimp. All was good. The coconut shrimp were a little too rich for me but still very good. Service was impeccable!

El Perla Negra –another new restaurant since my last trip and what a find! Although it doesn’t have the views that some of the other places have, the food makes up for it! We had the fish fingers (grouper), ensalata pirata, mahi mahi in foil & garlic shrimp. We really enjoyed our meal and wished we had more time to go back for another!

Ricomar –for Pozole. Dinner for under $10 – this is the place. The pozole was excellent! We had pollo rojo and puerca verde. YUM!

Pollos Loco – they deliver! One night we just wanted to hang at the condo so we ordered in! Their grilled chicken is great! And you can’t beat free delivery! We had our food within 30 minutes of the phone call.

Jungle Pizza – who woulda thought to go to Zihua for PIZZA?!?! It was a treat! The service was great ~ the owners are lovely ~ and the pizza was good! (and that’s from “New Yorkers”) It’s rated the #1 restaurant in Zihuatanejo – I’ll at least give it the #1 Pizzeria in Zihua!

Dona Licha – for breakfast –Great service. Great food. Great bang for the buck!

Sunday night at the Basketball Court –hit the taco cart (the one in the middle) and the empanada ladies. First time I ever had the hibiscus and cucumber drinks that are sold there. OMG! Amazing! Especially the cucumber!!! This rated as our favorite meal of the trip!

Pastries - Panaderia el Buen Gusto – the one and only bakery! I think I had the rice pudding for dessert just about every day and the pastries are de-lish! Buy in the evening and eat for breakfast the next morning. What a great accompaniment for your morning coffee!

Coffee – Café Cosa del Sol on Benito Juarez is still my fave. Got the ground coffee to make coffee while we were there. Brought 6 kilos of whole bean back to NJ!


Abel & Julia – LOVE THEM! Abel & Julia are the nicest people and Abel’s designs are gorgeous! Now there daughters have joined them in their stores. Loved the new locat1on on Calle Cuauhtemoc. We did all of our Christmas shopping in their shop.

Fruity Keiko – what a great addition to Zihua! Loved their shop in Zihua and they have twice the space on Vicente Guerrero. They offer an extensive collection of Mexican art, jewelry, clothing, etc.


Carlos! Carlos! Carlos! Carlos Garcia! There’s no other! For local trips to Petatlan, Barra de Potosi, Troncones….even if you want to go to Acapulco….Carlos is the one to call! juanservitaxi@hotmail.com


It was great to return and see familiar faces! Even after 3 years, “they” – the waiters, restaurant owners, etc. - remember you! We also met a lot of great people who also share in the same Love of Zihua. It truly is a special place!

The improvements at the airport are impressive – especially in Customs. The immigration process was exceptionally easy this year.

Zihuatanejo is changing and I hope for the best. The development along Playa la Ropa and up the hill toward Playa las Gatas blows my mind! Seeing the building and roads cut in over on the Puerto Mio side (Montecristo) is equally mind-blowing. My hope is that these new places can sustain themselves.

As a result of this development, the traffic along the main road along Playa la Ropa and the water trucks! I think Car Wash Ixtapa came to Casa Que Ve Al Mar 3x/day. We eventually were able to tune out the noise but it’s definitely a consideration.

First negative in 8 trips is the Pacifica development up the hill toward Playa las Gatas. They are starting to “hawk” the property. On our last day we were stopped by a young man who jumped out of the white Pacifica van. He offered to take us to the property (immediately) and we would get 2 margaritas and a day at las Gatas with food and drink. I forget what the “value” was & they don’t tell you where on Las Gatas. You have to take a tour in order to get the “free stuff” so therefore it’s not really free. I understand that they have to market and promote but this kind of selling is a huge turnoff!

Walked to Playa las Gatas for the first time along the rocks. Not bad at all! There is a well traveled path and 2 areas that are a bit rocky but it was easy! A special treat on this particular walk was that we met Owen Lee! What a treat! He was equally happy to meet us as we bought a copy of his book, “Prisoner in Paradise.” The bonus is that he signed it! I can’t wait to read it.

We lucked out with the weather! Every day was without rain which I think was the first week since January that this occurred! It was great to see the lush, green "jungle" and all the flowers in bloom!

One thing that hasn’t changed is the people. No where will you encounter more genuine “locals.” This is why I call Zihua my special home away from home.

Can't wait until next year!

Troncones report to follow......

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