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Escrito por one of the marks/marco/marcos' () via proxy desde ( el día miércoles, 24 de marzo, 2010 a las 02:02:50 horas :

Clipped nails, hot shower, bed, beautiful blue sky and snow capped Olympics; why we go away.

Almost saw the sun come up; twice. Went to bed anyway.

Friends S & B got robbed; camera and $500 US. Really it was the way - at Angels across from Rick's. I have to blame them a bit - they didn't notice there was no lock cylinder on the balcony door. Found their clothes and credit cards in the next room over, next morning. Neked on the bed they were, sound asleep. Been looking for a pic on the Internet! Check your access points.

Guitar Festival - Fantastic; too short of course. So much hot music. I play guitar - getting to steep in it is wonderful - patterns, sounds, skill...awesome stuff. Four great days! After concert party - 'til the wee hours. Love the new d laws. Eric Reed is the best; not in the festival though. But jams afterward - awesome. Him and McFadden at La Playa. Dancing, etc.

Ojo del Vibora! Long live Mescal. Did mostly that, 10 days. Lots of agua. No problemas.

La Playa/Captain's Daugher. Hard to find a better burger even in the US - seriously; great meat and lots of it. Get the Chipolete burger. Sometimes you just need one. Mostly street food though. Every Sunday at the basketball court - several tables with tamales a pollo, verde sauce - awesome. Lots of good street food.

Barra de Petosi (sp.?) Wonderful. Camarones del Diabla, a whole fish, coco loco (did 4, D has the record, 6 I think, maybe 8) beautiful, and Leones afterward.

Went to Aztec heaven, about 80 kilometres from Z., ~5,000 feet. On top of the pyramid. Clouds as fog. Saw the mescal process: maguey hearts, baked (brown sugar candy!), chopped/smashed, pot to worm, tasted the last run in the coconut. Bought a bunch - did some parties, the rest is history.

Bought ladym's mom's book. A couple chapters in. Traveling through Nicaragua in the mid 60's with no political awareness. Thouroughly interesting. Might make the next author night in Z., its already planned about a year from now.

Will go swimming next year. Heard that the tsunami event lowered the bay and drained the black ooze from the city lagoon into the bay. Water not cleared up yet, said some. Think I'll wait.

All the great Z. folks I met, talked with, danced with, heard music with. Thanks! 10 days hard to beat, I was ready though. Great people, great place.

Next time who knows...

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