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Escrito por Ron pdx desde ( el día jueves, 25 de marzo, 2010 a las 11:56:35 horas :

Wow, what a wonderful month! From the moment we landed and I saw the small but efficient airport to when I met the friendly and helpful residents to when I saw how clean the city was kept, I knew I had stumbled across something very special. The fishing fleet returning with their morning bounty, the local families strolling the Paseo de Pescadores, The families at the Domingos Culturales, accompanying helpers in teaching reading writing and English in the colonias all were special jewels set in the crown of a beautiful land and sea massaged by perfect weather and warm waters.

Thank you all for sharing your special place with me. With your blessings, I would love to return.

(Taxi drivers, "No pite el klaxon, por favor!"

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