Trip Report 3/12-3/21/2010

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Arrived Friday 5ish,picked up car,went to Catalina,dos par uno, then headed to beach for sunset walk with my beautiful bride. The Amazing thing was that her stress melted away almost immediately. At the end of the beach had chips and guac and a drink. Had the Mariachis sing Zihuatenejo and one more for her. Returned to Catalina to get some sleep.

Sat- woke early and did some kata on the balcony,had breakfast and then went looking for the coffee shop downtown,found it,bought 2 kilos, walked downtown, then went shopping for food for the week. Dropped the bride in Troncones and saw Ernesto, headed to airport to p/u my friends and a bigger rig. Shopped again with them to get what they needed.

Returned to Troncones, hit Robertos for dinner, great steaks,(Good call Ernesto) and good dance show.Stayed up way too late 2:15.

Sunday- Woke up, did katas, walked the beach, spent some time alone with the surf,the pelicans,and my prayers.
My bride made huevos rancheros for us all and it was awesome. Hung out at the villa, swam,read,caught up on old times with my old high school friends. Had a few drinks and caught a buzz and went to Burro Barracho for Sunday night show.

Monday- up early and the Ernesto (speed racer),John (NYFD), Greg (guitarist), and me headed to Santa Clara del Cobre and then to Paracho. Saw some great copper work and went over to the church and took some pics in Santa Clara, then went to Salvador in Paracho and he and Greg played a little. Greg wants a guitar from Salvador. Then went and saw Jesus Rios Gomez the luthier where I had purchased my electric acoustic guitar a few years ago. Ernesto picked up 3 more guitars. What a kind man and what beautiful guitars he builds. If you ever want a nice guitar get a hold of Ernesto and he can help you out. Thank you Ernesto for taking the time to take me and my friends to Paracho.

Tuesday- Went fishing with my ameigo Santiago on the panga Gitana, 1- Sailfish,1- Marlin, 3- Bonita,,,the look on Gregs face was priceless,,,he has never deep sea fished and got the Sailfish. Returned to Troncones and drove to dinner with Ernesto to the Mahajua Palms Restraunt,,,great food, awesome service, and Juanito was playing...It does not get much better in my opinion.

Wednesday-Hung at villa,partied alot, I am the designated driver so I took advantage of not going anywhere today and later Ernesto brought Maxx over to have a jam session. It was fun just wish Greg woulda played some more,but,my expectations not his,anyway,it was fun. Later that night John and I wrote a song about our trip between Zihuatenejo and Paracho,and Ernesto, we thought we had a number one hit and would soon own our own oceanfrint villa, then we looked again in the morning, sober, ahhh, uhmmm, it wasn't that good...LOL

Thursday-Got massages on the roof, Hit Guitarfest,,,some great guitarist, and the Flamenco dancer,,,ohh my my,,,what a beautiful woman.

I could watch her every night.If my ribs could take the elbows from my wife.

Friday-Vegged out, Had a nice dinner in town.

Saturday- Woke up did kata on the roof then took frinds to airport,went to check in at Catalina and was given a hard time by the day shift guy at the Cat so I said goodbye and hit the Villa Mexicana,have been wanting to check it out anyway,,they gave us a oceanfront room and we enjoyed it. Met up with Santiago and his wife(Maui) and daughter (Stephinie) and went to his sisters place Letys for dinner....great food and great prices and service. Afterwards we went to Coconuts for the guitarfest. Stephine really liked Eric and Nick and got thier autographs. My bride and I returned to Villa Mexicana and hung out on the beach before retiring to bed.

Sunday- went to the church at the roundabout below the Catalina, and it was awesome. Standing room only and we felt like family sitting with Santiago and his wife and two children. Then they took us out for a bar b q out past Barra de Potosi,,,it was good food and good times with a family we have grown to love over the past seven years.

Then too quickly it was back to the airport to return to the daily grind.

I'd like to thank Rob for the many years of providing this webpage as a place to find out about Zih, places to go, things to do, and the friends we have made due to this webpage. I had hoped to see you around this trip and buy you a drink, maybe next time. Also, I want to thank Ernesto for the many trips he has taken us on. I would not have done it without you. Until we meet again,,,

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