Married in Zihua and trip report!

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Greetings All!

I wanted to post a quick trip report on our very first trip to Zihuatanejo (and Mexico)! It was, as the locals love to use, PERFECTO!

We traveled down to marry at La Casa Que Canta and omg it was beautiful! Our families joined us and when we said Zihuatanejo they were both horrified and terrified at the prospect of us getting married in Mexico.

Well now you have 14 new die hard Zihua fans! Everyone loved it and is already planning return trips. The town, the food, the people, the area is exactly what makes Mexico special.

Safety – awesome. We are from Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Felt safer here than on our own streets. Mainly because the vendors look like they would whoop anyone who messes with their livelihood! Seriously though, as long as you aren’t too naïve and have traveled this place is extremely safe.

Markets/People/Crafts! Regardless of whether or not they really are handmade, the markets are awesome! We loved “Mexican capitalism” start off high and work your way down low. Saw many folks who didn’t get the conversion thing pay a little extra but we never saw outright abuse. I will say this, cruise ship days, prices are a wee bit higher and they aren’t as willing to haggle.

Food – holy hell batman, sooo much freaking great food. First off, La Casa Que Canta was amazing. Food was perfecto. Price…well it was Dallas pricing but that’s fine because the quality was over the top. I will say this, great daiquiris, bad margaritas.

At Lety's was muy bien! No complaints whatsoever.

Ate at both Elvira restaurants – the one at the end of Cinco De Mayo in the city and the one off the beach. Both were great.

Lots of little hole-in-the-wall places that I can’t remember were amazing.

The only meh meal was at Bandidos and even then it wasn’t horrible at all, just a bit touristy (but they had strong drinks and good music).

I can’t remember the name of the little restaurant kinda caddy corner to Bandidos (La Mandarina?), the one with 2 for 60 pesos drinks but they HAD THE BEST MARGARITAS AND GUCAMOLA EVER! Seriously we kept going back. I have long searched for the perfect margarita, am pretty well versed in these things and they came as close to perfect for two big margaritas for 4 bucks as anyone can come!

The beaches were very clean and very nice. Only thing that happened was I got completely owned by one of the monster waves! New wife got to do her first married "I told you so!" dance!

Most amazing wedding and best international trip we have taken in a long time!

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