First day in Zihuat (and we're not going home!)

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Escrito por JCampbell desde ( el día jueves, 01 de abril, 2010 a las 10:41:02 horas :

Wow! I knew I didn't want a typical Mexico honeymoon, and we are sure not experiencing it!! Right now eating a wonderful chorizo burrito my new wife prepared while sitting on our balcony at Bungalows La Madera watching the city awake. Arrived yesterday afternoon, hit the Comercial for some groceries and then Salvadores for ceviche, tiritas and Bohemias (cleaned them out of Bohemias!).

Got settled, and then walked down the hill and had marlin and snapper at Rufos. Cleaned them out of Dos XX (noticing a pattern here?)

The people are so friendly (whats up with the time share people at the airport though?) and it feels like a genuine Mexico experience. 12 more days of this - I'm in heaven!

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