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My experience at Casa Que Canta was out of this world. My wife (ha I love using that word now!) called me groomzilla because it honestly was mostly me planning things. Planning a long distance wedding via email can be stressful but trust in Lucia at La Casa to nail it on the head.

We emailed her a pic of a cake in a magazine we saw that we liked. We weren't expecting it to look not only identical but BETTER, but it was (and it tasted heavenly (tres leches!). For flowers we hated roses but loved sunflowers and sunflower type flowers with yellows, oranges, reds and greens. The flowers were amazing.

Food - well its a world class restaurant so you will absolutely go not go wrong. Its a 5 course meal and each one was amazing.

The locat1on is stair heavy - so anyone who is handicapped simply cannot use this venue. The grandmas needed ALOT of time to get down there but they all said it was worth it.

Its just a dramatic spot to get married. You have these rocks and cliffs surrounding you with the bay behind you and the waves crashing. Very intimate and beautiful.

feel free to email me if you have any questions dfwphotoguy at hotmail dot com

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